Ultimate Fishing Championship

I participated in the Game Developers of Shawnee's Game Jam. The Game Jam ran from 5:00 pm on Friday, September 27th to 5:00 pm on Sunday, September 30th. The theme: It's not a Bug, it's a Feature.

I teamed up with Programmers Alex Estrada, Joe McNally, Rachael Roar and Hannah Hawkins. I created the art assets for the game with Caitlin Zitzman. Audio assets were created by Dylan Roberts. 

My contributions included: 

• Created a sprite sheet of Bob Ross walking While it wasn't used, I provided sheets allowing him to walk in all directions. 

• Made the boat asset Bob Ross fishes from

• Created a sprite sheet of Bob Ross fishing 

• Created the star maps used in the background and to create parallax effect 

• Created the "There are no mistakes, only happy features!"dialog box

• Assisted with some scripting and debugging

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