Bugwalker Hallway Animation

In my Inorganic Studio 2 course, we were tasked with creating a representation of the 2nd floor of the Vern Rife Center of Fine Arts building on Shawnee State University's campus. The project began September,  2019 and was completed October 9th, 2019. Additional polishing and finishing touches were added after the project's completion.

During this project, I: 

• Created all of the 3D Meshes within the building

• Made the boat asset Bob Ross fishes from

• Created a sprite sheet of Bob Ross fishing 

• Created the star maps used in the background and to create parallax effect 

• Created the "There are no mistakes, only happy features!"dialog box

• Assisted with some scripting and debugging

In my Animation Studio course, I had the opportunity to design a hybrid bug/machine and animate it walking down the hallway of the university. The project began . 

During this project, I:

•  Conceptualized a functional Beetle Bulldozer

• Created a 3-D model from concept sketches

• UV'd and textured the model in Substance Painter

• Create joints and create functioning rig for model

• Animate the figure's walk cycle

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